Sabtu, 4 Jun 2016

(Sembang) Dr. Soo Wincci selesai buat PhD

ED suka baca kisah2 orang yang berjaya ni. Contohnya kisah Dr. Soo Wincci ni... Sangat memberi inspirasi. Sesiapa yg nak buat PhD, boleh jadikan kisah beliau sebagai inspirasi supaya tidak mudah putus asa.

Dr. Soo Wincci. Sangat inspirasi! ED saja panggil Dr. Soo Wincci sebab tahun ni juga beliau akan dapat title Dr.

Daripada facebook Soo Wincci:

Didn't know that this meant so much to me , for the first time of my life I've cried almost 1 hour non stop, because I thought I almost lost myself throughout this 6 years journey, I've sacrificed all my personal time, sleep time, family time, friends time & even gave up my relationship just to make my dreams come true. I can't remember how many times my thesis was being rejected & how many times of corrections I've been through, I was being deemed as crazy & was even being scolded by people I've trusted to ask me to wake up. Honestly, I was tired & hurt  but I never blame them because nobody would really understand my vision except myself & it's my own responsibility to protect & work extra hard to make my dream come true & to prove that I'm not crazy. Now it's just a beginning of my new chapter, I've a duty for life to help more people to stand up by themselves in order to protect & make more dreams come true ;) 

(Thank u All Media & Fans & Friends & Family For All The Support , Will See U All In My Convo in This Oct , By Then I Will Be Officially Dr Soo Wincci )


OUM Business School

ED faham apa yg dilalui pelajar PhD. Bukan senang nak buat PhD. Dr. Soo Wincci, jika tiada halangan, ED pun akan konvo master bulan 10 nanti. InsyaAllah. Udada Ubabye!!

ED: terbaik!

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